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One of the most confusing thing that can happen is being with a guy who is giving mixed signals. Just when you think there is a possibility to have future with him he does something to pull back and just when you reach the place to move on he does something that suggests you have a shot with him.

This could happen in many different forms. Maybe he was seeing you regularly but has lately reduced the frequency or stopped completely. Or maybe he is not as prompt with his responses as he was before.

There are 2 things you need to pay attention to in this situation:

1. Read The Signals He Is Giving: Before you do anything you really need to decide where he stands with you. There are few parameters you can use to decide his level of interest in you:

a_ How often does he make extended eye contacts when he is with you?
b_ How soon does he start touching you and how often does he touch you?
c_ Is he maintaining the same length of conversation when he is with you?
d_ Does he still give you the same number of compliments?
e_ If you are sexual, what happens after sex
f_ Do you guys go out?
g_ Do you meet with common friends as a date?
h_ Does he drop any hints that suggest otherwise?

Here is the thing the man who is really in to you will make extended eye contacts, touch you often, pay you loads of compliments even on little things and even if you do not deserve them. He will go out and do things with you, outside of going to bars and getting drunk to come home for sex. You get the hint.
He is doing this because he is all in you and can’t keep distance.

When we like a woman we crave her in every way. This is high phase of attraction. We want to show her to the world and see the world with her.

When I first met my wife we were over each other at all times. We would go out and show off, lol, to everyone around us. We would make couple around us jealous with our kissing and eye contact. Call it immature but when we find our soul mates we like to show off.

If he is not showing enough signs of attraction it means either he is not serious about you or lost desire for you. I won’t go too much here into reasons why this could happen. I would rather focus on what you need to do to change this.

This first thing obviously is that you need to decide if you want to be with this guy. Is he worth making the effort. Not every man is.

If he is worth making the effort, then you need to change the way he feels for you.
Before you move forward I want to caution you—
I know right now you may have the urge to connect with him, please him, send him more texts, tell him how much you care or even fight with him.


You do not want to pressure him or trick him into coming back to you, it won’t be long-lasting. Instead you want him to experience a craving for you on his own.

The more you will chase him, the more he will feel pressured. The more you will spend time with him, the more he will be reminded that something is missing.

Like I mentioned before when we like a woman we do anything and everything for her but when we are not sure if she is right or if we can do better than her, we start distancing. We do not want to build her hopes up and face pressure from her.

Instead we start looking to meet more women hoping to find the one who feels just right for us.
Disgusting story: when I first met my wife I had 13 women from my past lined up in Europe. I was going to travel through Europe and sleep with these women. When I met my wife I dropped all of it. And you need to learn to have the same effect on him.

So what you need to do first is learn what you can do differently to change his feelings towards you.
Let’s start by making him realize your value.

There are many options you have to make this happen but for now here is one things you can do:
1. Either invite him for drinks with another guy friend of yours. If he shows up he will be threatened by completion and if he refuses to avoid competition he will feel jealous and uneasy that you are out with another guy. Make sure you do this without being obvious.

The reason we do this is because right now he takes you for granted. He is not seeing the real value in you. When he sees other men interested in you we begin to see you differently.

If he is on your facebook or Instagram, post some pictures of you out to a bar or night club. Better post an image of you dressed very nicely at the same venue where you met him first time. This reminds him that there could be other men there as good as him.

Now this is not enough to get on his knees and run to your door but this stops the process of him taking you for granted. It reverses the channel and starts the momentum of building value for you.

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